Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I express my gratitude......

The ones who know me for a longer time also know that in this day I always try to write something, no matter how I feel.
Because today is a very important day for me. It’s the anniversary of one of my turning points and for all the reasons I must be grateful.

Just knowing that Spirituality’s good can come from life's bad is one of the most liberating concepts in the entire Universe.
After that I learned that Spirituality didn't require me to strictly follow the rules of a particular "religion" acting out all sorts of rituals and traditional religious rites of passage... sure those things are wonderful, when they have meaning to the individual acting them out... but what Spirituality really wanted from me was a "Relationship"... wanted ME, what was in MY heart! Wanted to change me from the inside out, create within me the ability to grow into a better person…

“Do not worry about what the world wants of you. Worry about what makes you come alive because what the world needs is people who are more alive.”

~ Lawrence LeShan


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Sunday, 6 April 2014

"Très Chic Style Bits" is on "off" this week

Due to some personal issues our Link Up Party "Très Chic Style Bits" is on "off" this week.

Don't forget to join us when we'll return!!!!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Très Chic Style Bits #21 | blue and green.....

We had the luck to have a day of sunshine last week, when I took these pictures, seeming that Spring could stay, but then the weather returned to the cold and rainy Winter…
It was a tough week for me, because I have been sick of my eyes. Well you know, I use contact lenses and with that conjunctivitis I had to stop wearing them and spent the less time on computer.
I’m feeling a bit better and so here we are for our weekly Link Up Party.
Don’t forget to share your post at the bottom of this.

green blazer blue pants

Every time I wear blue (yes, I can sure you, the pants are navy blue) with green I always remember my Mom who used to say that one of the fashion rules was not to mix blue with green.
And here I am wearing them together……

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Très Chic Style Bits #20 | What is a good blogger?

As I’m writing this, the weather outside is foggy, cold, gray and humid.
It’s supposed to be Spring. But here at the Island of Haze, Spring hasn’t sprung. Yet….

All week I’ve been living in pants and boots and heavy coats, but I made an attempt to get into the Spring spirit, wearing one of the SS/2014 trends, pastels, with my pink pastel cardigan.

But if Spring hasn’t come, our Link Up Party is here again. So have fun with us and link your post at the bottom of this.


I thought of starting this post with this phrase “I haven’t been a good blogger”. Then I questioned “But what’s a good blogger?”

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

International Giveaway of the “Coco Made Me Do It” Black T-shirt WINNER...

Today is the day to be chosen at random one lucky winner of the International Giveaway of the “Coco Made Me Do It” Black T-shirt.

I gave to all comments the order number, and I used to generate a true random number.

The result at the first time was this:

giveaway random number

So the winner is...

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