Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Been vegetarian…

“If a person does not harm any living being…
and does not kill or cause others to kill-
that person is a true spiritual practitioner.”

-Dhammapada (The Buddha)

There are many reasons why people go vegetarian, from health to ecological and religious concerns, compassion for animals, belief in non-violence, for economic reasons or purely because they dislike the taste of meat. There are, also, many different forms of vegetarianism.

Me, I’m an Ovo-lacto vegetarian, who occasionally eat some seafood. Well, because of that, strictly speaking, I couldn’t tell that I’m a really vegetarian. But it’s so occasionally that I’ve no problem in telling that I’m vegetarian.

One might ask “Why? What are your reasons?” I would answer “That’s a life Philosophy!”

We’ll be back on this…. I guarantee!

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  1. Same here. I tried being a strict vegetarian, but I failed, simply because of the notion of "Never Again". Now, back in September I was ill and simply abandoned eating meat because I had no desire to eat it anymore. However, I told myself that if I ever get such a desire I will allow myself to do so. Since then I only ate meat twice, one occasion being the Christmas feast, but I haven't had any since then though I could have. I'm perfectly fine without it, and that's probably because I'm not actually forcing myself to abstain from it.

    Mum, however, has not eaten meat (nor sea-food) for more than ten years for health reasons.


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