Monday, 26 November 2007

Fernando Pessoa

Did you hear about Fernando Pessoa?

He was a Portuguese poet that has published his works under three different names; moreover, behind the three names seemed to hide three totally different personalities: Alberto Caeiro was an apparently simple, symbolist poet, Ricardo Reis was a follower of the classical ancient style while Alvaro de Campos was a pure modernist.

The three men were all brilliant. Pessoa handled his "multiple" personality with an infinite awareness. He needed Caeiro, de Campos and Reis for solving out all his creative moves that happened to be definite alike and valuable alike.

I leave you with one of his poems.

Happiness requires bravery

"I might have flaws, live anxiously and sometimes be irritated but, I do not forget that my life if the World’s biggest company, and I can avoid it to bankrupt.
To be happy is to recognize that it is worth living, besides all challenges, incomprehension’s or crisis. To be happy is not to let ourselves beat by the problems, becoming an author of our own history.
To be happy is to cross deserts outrageously, but to still be able to find your own oasis in the deepest of your soul.
It is thanking God each morning for the miracle of life. To be happy is not to be afraid of your own feelings. To be happy is to speak about your personality. To be happy is to have the guts to hear a “NO”. Is to have the security hearing a critique, even that it is unfair.
And if I have rocks on my way, I shall keep them all.
Someday, I will build up my own castle…”

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  1. Escrita prazeroza neste espaço, textos como aqui está dão motivação a quem aparecer neste sítio :)
    Dá muito mais deste espaço, a todos os teus seguidores.


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