Monday, 26 November 2007

Today's Outfit - 11/26

Black, Grey and Mustard, with some hidden Purple


  1. Hola felicidades por tu blog, me gusta la combinación de colores que has hecho y veo que también eres aficionada a las medias mostaza. Disculpa pero no me defiendo muy bien con el inglés.

  2. Gracias Deluxe.
    Puede escribir en español, entiendo más o menos.
    Vuelve cuando quieras. Será un placer

  3. Vejo que também aderiste aos collants coloridos...dão um toque especial a qualquer outfit...

  4. I love the color combination here. The accents of purple and gold work well against the neutral grey skirt.

  5. I like the touch of purple, but the mustard... urgh. Sorry, that's a colour I cannot with

  6. tg, adoro collants coloridos, não sei é se combinam bem com a minha "idade física", principalmente as cores mais vivas, mas é um risco... de acharem que sou uma "velha" a querer vestir-se como uma miúda, mas acho que vivo bem com isso... ;)

    sally jane, thanks for your words. It would be a pleasure if you keep stopping by.

    loca por las compras, you mustn't apologize, you have every right to your own opinion, if we all had the same tastes it would be very annoying. It´s my job to be aware of the views and do what I most like. It would be also a pleasure if you keep stopping by.

  7. I like purple and I like yellow, but not alltogether. the skirt is fabulous to combine with different colours

  8. I think it would be a neat outfit if the skirt was shorter and not quite so form-fitting. And I would go a darker color with the belt.

    Great style though!:-)


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