Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Urban Angels

A closeup of an urban sculpture showing the small welded metal panels and lumpy seams that give it its feel.

Do you believe in angels?

I do!

Now I'm not speaking about those supernatural creatures who have the ability to be the 'in-between' beings, able to communicate with both humans and the very subtle energies of creation.
I’m speaking about those angels who are just people you have in your life or you just met at some point... People who touch your heart by something they say or do... It can be a good friend, somebody you met only a few times or even a person that you don't know... It's true that most of the time you notice it when you're down... And then, without you saying anything at all, they send you a message when you needed it the most or they give you something or they help you in a way you didn't thought possible... And your burden gets lighter and your smile comes back...

And I'm lucky enough to have some angels in my life...
Maybe more than I really deserve...

Dedicated to an angel in my life – My husband

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  1. yes, i DEFINITELY believe in angels, and i believe in so much as being angels ourselves. the world would be a much better place!

    ur post reminded me one of mine called: sweet angel - ode to my mother. which i wrote long ago, before i was keeping up w/ my blog.


    hope u enjoy it!


  2. Thank you for even considering me with this honor darling. I believe in angels, and you are one of them to me.... :)

    Ciao baby

  3. then I guess you belive in yourself Seeker, as you fit the Angel criteria perfectly.
    Of course I believe in Angels on earth, wouldnt be here today without them.


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