Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Career woman and Fashion

Being a woman is not just about how she look on the outside. On the other end, to be a woman who likes fashion doesn’t mean that she is vain or superficial. A woman doesn’t run out with just an aspect of herself, whether it is fashion, family, or career.
As so, professional seriousness is consistent with feminine elegance.
Dressing for success is a guiding principle in every career a woman may embrace.
A commitment to true workplace equality and cooperation calls for another way of dressing. It is not simply a question of "power dressing" in the 1980s sense of a masculine, corporate look.
Fashion will suggest styles and details of dress which are both practical for the wearer and pleasant for others.
A frumpy outfit and a killer smile is enough to outshine any fashionista that fidgets and worries about how she looks all the time. Fashionista must be synonymous with diva attitude – know what you stand for, trust your taste and go for it. Confidence exuded will only add that extra layer of flavour to your attitude.
Often times, a lukewarm outfit can be won over by a confident attitude in the way you carry yourself.
Let people know that you're in charge of you and that you can take over the world.

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  1. wwe have already talk about this!
    "I´m in charge, i´m confident" remember!? :D

    great post, i really like this way to see the womans and the fashion. Must people go for fashion= superficial. But i agree with your point of view.

    Dress for success, love that phrase.


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