Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Dressing over 40

I have been recently reading some post and articles, like this, (and this and here and there, and so one…), regarding age-appropriate dressing for women over 40.
The recommendation is usually you can wear today’s trends, but just toned down. And, of course, the age-old piece of advice: If you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, then no matter how age-appropriate it may or may not be, then don’t wear it.
So, should a woman over 40 dresses differently than a woman under 40?
A forty-plus woman is in the most unique position of any generation before her. She is living in unexplored territory where there is no precedent. Being in your forties, fifties or sixties is no longer what it once was. Forty is now tagged “the new thirty.” The forty-plus woman no longer fits the former labels of “mature, middle-aged or older.”
I think the truth is that dressing after 40 depends partly on ones body, partly on ones attitude, and ones good sense.
The whole package counts - your personality, hair, make-up, and lifestyle.
I understand this isn’t a new issue, but what do you think about it??


  1. Excellent post! I'm 44 and I shop at Forever21, Old Navy, Max Rave and the Junior section in major department stores. I basically do not limit myself as to where I'll shop. I'm open to finding a good deal anywhere, in any store. I usually shop Juniors because the price is more in-line with my budget then the very expensive women's petite section.

    I love my clothes to have a bit of an edge to them. I'm real selective when I do shop Juniors and I get what looks good on my body type. I'm sooo not concerned as to what people think or what folks consider age-appropriate. This is my life! The only opinion am interested in when it comes to picking my clothes - is my own. Took me a long time to give myself that kind of power and I ain't taking it back! So for my fellow fortysomethings - I say go for it, you earned it, have fun, be the best you can be, this is YOUR time to shine ladies!!

  2. Thanks fdiary for the great comment.

  3. At 40, sometimes I feel a little ping of uncertainty when I walk into stores like J Crew and BR and wonder if I am on the verge of mutton dressed like lamb. Until someone hands me a jar of mint jelly I am still shopping there.

  4. I am 42 and don't dress like I imagined I would, back when I was young.

    I've finally hit my stride, found my style, and frankly - the stuff I wore as a young woman in the 80s was horrible. Tapered legs? Shoulder pads?

    The clothes now look great - lower rise, flare, fitted tops - perfect on my body type with the skinny torso and the slightly larger below-the-waist, so why can't I, I say!!

    bring it on!

  5. I think it's a mistake to try and dress like a "40-year-old". Does anyone even know what that means beyond some outmoded idea of what a 40-year-old woman looks like?

    I will be 46 this month and I dress pretty much the same way I did in my 20s and 30s. Actually, I dress better! I struggled through those years to find a style that suited me. In a nutshell I like classic pieces with a smattering of trendy items.

    Jeans, blazers, shift dresses, t-shirts and boots are my signature. When the styles change I wear the latest versions of those items that look good on my shape (an hourglass). I also always make sure I have the latest accessories. I love the thing that's happening now with the scarfs, hobo bags, and big glasses.

    I've never had the urge to show off too much of my body, so dressing over 40 has been easy for me.


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