Saturday, 29 December 2007

A god treat

Me and my husband, we habitually don’t lunch at home on working days. We usually go to a place where they have a buffet and we can choose, from several things, what to eat.
Some of you probably know that I’m vegetarian, which is something that, in our little community, isn’t easy to carry on.
It’s not easy because it’s complicated to get the goods vegetarians need to make the food taste good, and to give the body the nutrients required.
And if at home one can manage things, it’s more problematical out. It’s a small market, and the places owners aren’t open to take risks in something they can’t put up for sale.
Been back to the issue, generally I choose some salads and something more among what’s there. But it can be boring, eating almost the same every day, and I complain to the lady owner.
Yesterday we went there, and as soon as she saw me she told, “-Today I’ve something especially for you.”; “-Oh yeah?”
Well, she ordered the cooker to make a Soya recipe just for me, and it tasted so good.
Besides the good food taste I felt so incredibly treated.
That’s the duality of small communities.
Though it can have some limitation, there are the people efforts to make things to others.

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  1. "We usually go to a place where they have a buffet and we can choose, from several things, what to eat.", Oh I miss that. They don't have such things in DK, and if they have, it's so small and not so many options..blehhh The only vegetarian you'd find in such a place here is a simple salad and nothing else.

    I'm not vegetarian, though I don't eat red meat of any sort. Fish, chicken and turkey is the only sort of meat I like, although I hardly eat these three.


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