Friday, 7 December 2007

Moss-Perfect figure...

I´m just updating to tell that I know that my figure isn’t Moss-Perfect.
But I must admit that there are days, every now and then, when the only thing that gets me through is remembering that Barbie is just plastic.

Plastic melts...


  1. "Barbie is just plastic"

    I definitely agree...

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  3. i am not a fan of Barbie. hope that helps :D

    anyway, ive been looking at your previous posts and I must say I adore how you add that splash of colours to your outfits each time.
    office wear never looked this good!

  4. Barbie sucks! hehehe
    I think everyone can look good and stylish despite of how they look.. =) Cheers!

  5. I find Barbie HORRIBLY unattractive. Not because she's plastic but because:
    1. she has the oddest figure. I mean who has a 1 inch waist with a 6 inch bust?
    2. she's TOO perfect. therefore she is unnatural

    and like you said, barbie is plastic and fake. no one can ever look like her.


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