Sunday, 30 December 2007

Priceless things

I was thinking about some stuff that I supposedly needed; material goods.
Then I reminded myself that I have some priceless things that, in spite we live in the 21st Century, many women on this planet, though they may have those material goods, don’t have, like freedom to be myself, empowerment…
And I felt, and still feel, grateful for those invaluable possessions.
So I pray and hope that those women can, one day, accomplish them.


  1. I worked for a lot of rich people the last ten years. Remodels, upgrades, painting, things like that.

    I got to know most of them pretty well, they wasn't all that happy, they were just spending money trying to make themselves happy.

    The happiest people I know are those without all that much money and live modestly. Just an observation.

  2. Your right sometimes I feel like i'm so lucky and I need to stop complaining and draining the money out of my account on stuff that's not going to matter to me a few months from now.

    your so insightful.

  3. i agree with bbc and jen:

    money doesn´t make you happy. Maybe for a little time...but if you aren´t happy without money you won´t be happier with more material goods because something is wrong inside you... and that "hole" is something that the money can´t fill.

    All we need to be more grateful for the freedom and the life.

    happy new year!

  4. I wish all women were free!Maybe one day... Dream it!

    Happy new Year!

  5. You're right. Sometimes I take for granted the fact I'm free and that I have a family and material things BUT then reality strikes me and makes me notice that material things are not everything and that there are more important and valuable things. I wish all women were treated with dignity and respect all over the world.


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