Saturday, 1 December 2007

A talk with my Dad

Hi, pretty one!
Today is a bittersweet one. I know you must be okay, but I still miss you...
When I think of you I think love, laughter, concern, affection... Of course you weren't perfect, but you it is.
I also know that there was love between us, in spite that we never talk about it.
Despite you have passed your last years on a bed, your smile was a sunshine ray.

Today is the 4Th anniversary of your death.... And I still miss your smile!

May the light be with you!


  1. Very sweet. My dad died 4 years ago as well, and I think of him all the time. Oddly, whenever I dream about my family, he's there, while the rest of us are our current age.

  2. This brought out my emotions, as I lost my dad 5 years ago. He was more than my Dad - he was my friend as well. And I miss him dearly. Yes, I miss his smile :-)Very loving post...


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