Saturday, 8 December 2007

Today's Outfit - 12/08

Actually I don't wear jeans at the office, so I don’t spend much on them. But sometimes on the weekends I like a sportiest look. Now I would love to buy skinny jeans to put on with boots over them. I don’t know if they would look nice on me…


  1. I like the sweater and the jeans, not so much the tie neck blouse.Maybe if you tied it looser of lower.

  2. Is the top's style and/or color really "you"? It's so different from the other outfits, especially the ones where the pose suggests that you're happy with the look.

  3. I like what you have on here, color and bow and all.

    I'm thinking with the skinny jeans that you should watch out for the proportions; get the right rise, a similar dark wash to what you show here, and get them with stretch . . . . otherwise, they'll be absolute misery to wear.

  4. I would really advise against the skinny jean. I want to hop on this trend too, but my wide hips remind me why I shouldn't, they're pronouced enough as is.

    Love the shirt and cardigan!


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