Sunday, 16 December 2007

Today's Outfit - 12/16

A few days ago I wore this, I felt so comfortably that I wore it today with just a few changes.
This is a weekend look, because in spite of some crazy things I ware at the office, I'm not seeing me wearing this.... yet :)


  1. I've got to get me some tall boots. I imagine I couldn't help but feel just a little bit fierce!

  2. the print is very in this year

  3. Really cute look!
    Your blog is very interesting!

  4. I like it! It's very fun and 60s, but demure all the same. I love anything with a cardigan and knee-high boots!

  5. Hello!!
    wow! you look really amazing.. seriously try something like this during the week...
    love the combo: red cardigan, asymetrical blue/brown prints, leggings and THOSE boots!

    simply amazing!

  6. Hey (:
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours' cool.

    I love your read cardigan. Lovely outfit =)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Great outfit!
    I really love the cardigan and the dress you're wearing.

    If I was you I would try this oufit to go to work, it's just so beautiful!!!

  9. I love the red on you!! Super cute outfit!!

  10. Interesting blog here. I like how you post pics of what you wear everyday. :) I went through here and saw some really interesting outfits. Most of them you look great in. A few of them didn't appeal to me. And this is one of them. It looked nice on you on 12/02 though. I don't like the red with that top.

  11. this is very stylish..thats definatelly in this year..
    it reminds me of lindsey lohan or even something the olsen twins would wear..its cute


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