Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Today's Outfit - 12/18

Today the cold didn't catch me up!! I had so many clothes layers that I looked fatter. I even wore my beret and gloves. My overcoat it's at the cleaner.


  1. Like the cobalt blue cardigan with the purple belt, nice accent of color, it makes your outfit "pop"!

  2. The truly spiritual are not into fashion, that is just an ego trip for you.

    How do you feel about that when other parts of you lives under trees starting to death?

    Or do you even care that they do?

  3. I really like the black coat..or at least it seems black in the picture :s
    it looks very nice

    The blue is cute too, it would look nice with black pants..

  4. My favourite is the top right. Very professional, yet approachable and soft. Good one!

  5. I love the blue cardigan!!!
    Nice combination with the purple!

    I just hate it when it's so cold! Give me summer!

  6. I think the same as alana :) Snuggly Buggly


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