Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Today's Outfit - 12/19

Black coat, pants, boots, mustard scarf, green "something" cardigan and a graphics printed shirt in blue, purple, white, and that green.
When it comes to "jewellery", I'm more a necklace "girl", but today I putted my mustard earrings (the picture doesn't show it... sorry)


  1. Ready to steal that sweater. Mustard is the color this season. I've got quite a few pieces and working on more....well just the "right" shoes and belt. Lovin the boots as well. You reminded me that I need a pair and that not good :-)

  2. I like the darker look with the jacket

  3. Oooh, I adore the green cardigan! A fabulous colour!


  4. Love the pattern on the blouse great choice!

  5. you have a mustard cardigan like mine!

    you know what!? geometric prints look so good on you!
    the purple give the perfect touch for that outfit.

  6. I love the boots! Thanks for visiting my site. Merry Christmas. :)


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