Friday, 28 December 2007

Today's Outfit - 12/28

My black Levi's pair of jeans my sister has given me

Detail of my italian medallion, my hubby bought me at Firenze (Florence) on our italian trip


  1. hope u had a great christmas :D

  2. Black jean is pretty :) I like Levi's ^^! Kisses

  3. The mustard top is beautiful, that is my color for this Fall. I love it!!

  4. That medallion is great, really beautiful! And Florence is great aswell!

    I love the blue combined with the yellow!

  5. Those jeans look so cool!

    I have a pendant similar to yours: my Mum bought it to me when we were in Rome many years ago. I actually have two: they are a pair of earrings. They were the only ones that had deep red in them so Mum bought them for me and then later I turned them into pendants. (I don't have my ears pierced.)

    Aren't these things just gorgeous? :-)

    Later on we went to Venice and visited the island of Murano where these jewels are made. It was so interesting!

    We had been to Florence too (stayed there for only a day) but we spent our time eating ice cream and admiring the dome. :-)


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