Sunday, 9 December 2007

A turning point

The turning point is the moment when there is a definite change in direction and one becomes aware that it is now about to move toward the end.
Life is full of key dates and turning points - the birth of a child, the death of a parent, the date you get hired at your dream job, the day you graduated, the day you get married, the day you get divorced, etc..
There have been all kinds of turning points in my life. For this post I am going to focus on a very important one.
It happened 6 years ago. I was as deep down as I had ever been in my life.
One sunny April’s morning I was driving to work on a high way, when I had a car crash.
My car flew making several circles, bumped into another one, to just stop on the curb of the road, all smashed. Luckily I was alone.
Meanwhile I lost my senses, but before that I saw the movie of all my life.
I was a month at the ICU, I had several bones broken, internal bleedings, and when I went home, directly to bed, I couldn't walk, somebody had to feed me, to shower me, I was depending on others.
During those 6 months I’ve been fighting for my life, I had plenty of time to think.
Through a journey of searching, I fumbled, tasted, sobbed, but something there in my soul could not let me give up. Through the searching, I found back my gratitude to what I have, I found my passion and desire. I have learned how to be truthful to myself. I had to change my life by changing the way I thought about the world.
So, every turn we make in life should be viewed in a positive manner simply because it's a sign of growth. It's just that growth that is essential to life and without turning points every road we take would become a dead end, circle, or end at a roadblock. Henceforth, turns should be viewed as an opportunity not as an unforeseen mishap. The outcome of a turning point is determined by how we handle and react to the circumstances. Our response to the changes that we experience at this point in our life can either propel us forward or hold us back. So, when you arrive at a major turning point in your life take a moment and think about the pros and cons of the choices that you are about to make. Don't try to rush through it. Put your thoughts in perspective and be assertive when making your decision. Remember that no matter what challenges come your way with the Universe on your side you have no choice but to make it through.



  1. hi!

    live this day as it was the last...people should remember more often that... i´m amaze about what you said: "Meanwhile I lost my senses, but before that I saw the movie of all my life"... that´s a little bit scary :s

    thx for sharing this...

  2. great post. i'm glad you didn't give up and propelled yourself forward. :)

  3. But how do I know that this is what the universe wants me to do?
    I have such a forceful nature and personality that I can convince myself that something is right; when years later I want to put the tape of that part of my life back in the machine and rewind it.

    I take comfort and encouragement in your words Ms Seeker. You are so strong to have faced "the worst" and to see the turning point in your new life, your re-birth.

    I am going to think on your words, and when I watch "the tape" of my life so far again, I will try and focus on a different part. To see how it got me to this point.

    I am at a place to reflect. My love of my life has changed himself recently and begun to take responsibility for some bad times. And it is helping me to see clearer what my part in these times was; maybe I was not so bad as I thought.

    We women hold up half the sky; sometimes we are always trying to reach over and fix the other half too. Maybe we should not?

    I have been thinking what a waste it was for us to live with a misunderstanding for more than 11 years. But what you are saying is that what we learned along the way is just as important?

    That I can bring the strength I gained from always feeling I was wrong, to doing so much on my own to the new life I have with the same man, but a healthier happier version?

    So many times I read what you write and cry Ms Seeker.

    you should be sponsored by a big kleenex tissues company.

    my heart to you.

  4. oh my god, that sounds terrible!
    my story sounds riddicolous when i hear yours! the only thing that happened to me is that i couldn't walk without help for two weeks. and it was not my car that i had the accident with (at this time i was too young to drive), it was another car, that crashed into me while i was standing at the schoolyard, so it wasn't very fast, but it was painful anyway.

  5. I enjoyed your story, is very positive, it makes me think that life in any event must be taken in a positive way.
    It is very instructive as accounts and insurance is going to help me now.
    While visiting you can keep your blog and be sure to write in, we will help, now I only smile that there are people like you that give color to life.

  6. Hi Seeker,

    You left me a comment way back in October 8, 2008 with a link and the Turning Point. At the time I did not know how to respond to it.

    But I want to apologize for not doing so sooner. How horrible that crash, and being in the ICU for a month and then six months in track....

    I hope you will stay, and not go away, as you have survived so much in your life. I believe in you my friend, and I always will...

    When I shipped you your art product, and you named it Alkemia, it was a very brave thing you did, to reveal yourself like that.

    I just wanted you to know that I am still around, and reading your old notes sometimes brings me to tears with your kindness, and your sweet friendship....

    You can see this post and read your comment by clicking here, and remember that I love you very much my friend....



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