Sunday, 9 December 2007

Where the hell am I going to buy a dress I like?

It may sound strange to you.
Well, if you saw my profile you know that I’m “some where….in the middle of the ocean”.
Off course I’m not at a boat or on a cruise. I’m at a little island.
So in spite of the improvement we have, there are some limits.
Those limits bring me quite a lot of difficulties to buy some stuff. When I go to the main land I usually take proceeds to purchase clothes, because they’re cheaper, trendier and stylish. But this f/w I didn’t go there. So I’m trying to deal with that the best way I can.
That’s one reason why you must have the perception that for me is more difficult to do my wardrobe remix.
You may ask why I don’t buy online. Well… Buying online can be tricky. I had some bad experiences.
Someone told me that a Mango’s shop is going to open soon here. Let’s wait and hope.

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  1. I adore Mango. We had it here in Ireland, but then it closed recently? some problem with ownership??

    I love it because the spanish women are like me; big bottom and nice cut to suit the curves. Women who look like women. Very good fabrics. Very good prices.
    My beautiful Bratty also loves the store in El Ingenio in Malaga Velez. (Spain) We stay in the changerooms with the big mirrors and try on pretties together. It is the only place she will shop with me. And let me try the clothes on her.

    So I feel your yearning for Mango.



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