Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Writing in English?

"What is written without effort is read without pleasure. "

-Samuel Johnson

Why this question? --- Maybe you enquire.
For English-speaking, or for that matter, -writing, persons, writing in English in theirs blogs or homepages is just a natural thing, of course. But when your mother language is something else, you will most probably write in your own tongue.
This was a question a co-worker asked me and after that I started thinking.
“Why did I choose to have a blog written in English?”
- Because I think English is the most important international language, so writing in English could bring me international readership. It’s really very stimulating for me to learn and share my ideas with others around the globe.
- Because I think it will really help me to improve my English, engaging vocabularies. I always enjoyed English so it’s a way to try to acquire that writing, reading and thinking in English could be like in my mother's language.
- And my posts don’t relate particularly (or directly) with any country or language.
- Last but not least, because I have some family abroad at an English language country. And in this case, being read is sometimes as important as writing itself.

Would you still ask, why English?


  1. yeah, i think this is an interesting topic... as i was asked to text edit some articles for a magazine... oh dear, the writer may have been a professional in his native language, but was horribly wrong in his writings in english. he kept asking me what i thought about his style, but i couldn't say, only because the grammatical errors were so severe.

    it's good practice to write in english, and you should keep at it! also reading books and magazines in english will help as well.

  2. I could say the same thing about myself: my mother tongue is Hungarian but I graduated with a degree in English Language and Literature. Also, I've always loved this language so it was only natural that my blog would be written in English. Often though I think I should start one in Hungarian too: there's a serious shortage on the scene when it comes to beauty blogs.

    Good post! You collected all the reasons that I too have for not writing in my mother tongue. :-)

  3. No, your answers were enough. I write in Portuguese for the opposite reason: don't want my french acquaintances to get a s*** of what I am saying :)

    Just kidding :)

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite


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