Tuesday, 15 January 2008

100th Post & 7 Things about Me

This is my one hundred post, and I’m celebrating it.

I lap my head around thinking how could I celebrate it. Then it comes to my mind that I could uncover myself a bit.

Since I was tagged by Izar from Binary Star to do this cool meme, I’m going to tell you 7 things about me.

1 – My university degree is in social sciences , and I work at the Public Administration of the Archipelago as a senior, so I’m at civil service.
No matter what I actually do, because I always have a point of view filled up with a social issue on any matters or items of daily life. If once a social scientist at all times a social scientist.

2 – I’m a very sensitive person, so I drop in tears easily if something touches my feelings. I love hugs and kisses, open smiles and laughs.

3- I’m very attached to exotericism and spiritual things. I try to be a spiritual woman who takes time to know herself, her beliefs, her strengths, her weaknesses. Who finds ways to connect with herself each day in prayer, or in meditation or quiet time. Who cares for others and treats others the way she would like to be treated. Who has a belief system, but seeks insight and growth. Who seeks personal peace.

4 – Related to number three, I practice Reiki, I’m vegetarian and I believe in the Universe’s forces.

5 – Since I started to be a teen I struggle with my weight. It seems that the image on the mirror doesn’t mach the image in my head. And I had some eating disorders. But I think I’m winning.
Now I just have 109 kilos… just joking!!!!

6- I don’t like to wake up early. I just start to function well around 10 am. I really love lazy mornings and moonlight serenades. And I think full moon is as beautiful as sun set.
But I also like to swim and the sunshine on the beach.

7 – I like very much travelling. In fact some times I need it; the island can constringe and may set the desire to leave with the certainty of the return.
So I often go to the mainland, since my husband is from there and we go visit his family.
I too have made some trips out of the country. Countries where I’ve been: Canada, US America, England, Spain, Italy, Malta and Tunisia.

Well, I could tell you more things about me, but then I would have to kill you… and that was a big problem!

Now the rules state that I should tag seven other bloggers. I don’t know if you have already done this, if you have it feel free not to, if don’t you’re tagged!


  1. hey! i haven´t been tagged for this kind of meme before!

    i will do it the sooner i can by now i ust have time to check the comments and do my hw!!

    congrataz for your 100 posts!

  2. Seeker:

    Thank you for posting so much information about yourself! I am glad to learn more about you.

    I love that green skirt you wore. I exclaimed so loudly about it, that my stepdaughter wondered what fascinated me so much. I called her over, and showed her your outfits for the last several days, and we spent a few minutes ooh-ing and aah-ing over your choices.

    I'll answer your tag in my blog tonight! (I'm flattered to have you tag me, thank you.)


  3. happy 100th post darling !!!! :)
    thank you for tagging me but I have ever did the same there are some months ago , sorry :(
    I doubt that you are a sensivite personn(don't ask me why , I know that's all lol) . Meditation is great .Oh you have been visited so many cities , i m wy to be jealous (just kidding) but did you ever go to France ?

  4. Congratulations!100 posts!I also practice reiki, what a coincidence!

  5. Thank you for telling us about yourself. It is great to know someone like you who is passionate about life and about searching for who you are. That is really something special.


  6. I don't think anyone likes to get up early
    interesting facts

  7. I know the pics are really beautifull!!! and the video...so relaxing!!...thanx for ur visits on my blog!! hope u enjoy some of my crazy posts!!...

  8. It was nice to know more of you!
    congratulations for the 100 post!

    you like tarot cards?

  9. Hi. thanks for tagging me!
    First,let me tell you that you are one of my links.
    I don't think anybody likes to wake up early. I'm dying to do to the beach and get tan.

  10. Hi!!
    First of all, congrats with your 100th post!

    Thx for tagging me, I hope I will have time to do this soon, but as you know exams are so frustrating and thinking about those facts I have to tell about myself will only add to the stress. I really don't know what to say.
    But I'll try to do it as soon as my exams are finished. Now I hope I don't forget this :)

  11. Thanks for tagging me. I finally had some time to do that meme. :)


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