Wednesday, 2 January 2008

black basalt and the blue of the sea

Islands are "places from which people leave, homelands and yet springboards to 'the big wide world', João de Melo has once said.
Islanders are poets in the sense that they are continually bound to the task of sustaining the production that is their island, while also continually fabricating bridgeheads across this island.
It’s amusing to think of islands as lakes “turned inside out." What does it mean to the poet then, to be an island? Or to live on one? Or to go to one? Or to leave one? Or to return to one? And especially to have been turned inside out by one?
In the confining boundaries of an island, a self cannot escape easily nor discard the obligation to confront, recognize, and name itself.
The islander either searches for the island of his desire and then stands on it; or simply finds himself trapped on one, and now has to steal a reason for living from life itself.
Are we indelibly marked by black basalt and the blue of the sea that both frees and constringe?
Is the answer in the contemplation of the blue foam… at a beach where someone contemplates the horizon in search of answers… may be set by the desire to leave with the certainty of the return…


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  2. excellent points and the details are more specific than somewhere else, thanks.

    - Norman

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  4. The Islands are a second home to me. Being surrounded by horizon, it's easy for curiosity to drive the imagination. When curiosity turns to bravery one leaves the only land they've known, but once they see their imagination out shines the things that lie beyond the horizon, they long to return to the place of their innocents; whether in body or in mind.

    Very thought provoking post :)


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