Sunday, 27 January 2008

The Earth trembling

Today I felt the Earth trembling. Yes, it was a little quake which made no damages.
Islanders know that at any time it could happen, but it always take us by surprise, and thinking if a big one is coming.
It’s good that little ones happen, because the Earth is expelling those gases and making its movements smoothly, and not accumulating all for a big Earthquake.
But we all know that our Earth is sick. Dirty air, global warming, polluted waters, and toxic wastes are just a few of the maladies of our very ill Earth.
Some people become accustomed to frequent news of danger to the environment, perhaps even thinking, “That is not of great concern as long as it does not affect me.” Though whether we realize it or not, the wholesale destruction of the Earth's environment affects the vast majority of people. Since contamination of our planet is now so pervasive, it likely already affects more than one aspect of our lives. So, all should be concerned about the health and preservation of our home. After all, where else would we live?
That allows me for a question, “What are we doing for our Planet?”


  1. This is so true!! Our planet is very, very sick. Due to commerical greed our planet has become dangerous polluted. We are feeling the effects of that through chemical poisoning of our bodies (Cancer).

  2. I heavy question indeed. I wish everyone was asking him/herself this question.

  3. Totally true,it's incredible whay are we doing to the planet. It is good to hear that you're ok.

  4. I wouldn't have liked to be in your shoes at that moment...

    What you're sayin is very true: we're jeopardising our planet and our very existence on it. Just yesterday night we eperienced a huge gale here in Budapest with 90-100 km/h blasts of wind. We've been having more and more of this kind of highly unusual weather (esp. in the summer) and it's really scary. We've never had anything like this when I was a kid (or even up until a few years ago).

    Now there's 42 °C in the summer, there's hardly any snow in the winter (it has snowed only once so far this winter, and only for a few hours!) and there are winds that kill people and cause great damage. It's insane!

    The problem is that the leaders of the world are not very concerned and no matter how much ordinary people do against it, our actions can't outweight the large scale damages caused by factories, oil spills on the sea and deforestation. (Just to name a few.) I feel so helpless sometimes...


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