Sunday, 20 January 2008

In Vogue

As I told you I’ve received my February Vogue magazine. They start talking about Spring/Summer 2008 trends.
Also they have a section named In & Out that I would like to write out for you to read and to give your opinion.

In & Out

In – Toga
The return of one-shoulder toga dresses with drapes and intricate folds and pleats of Classical Antiquity.
Out – Egg

In – Bags
Classics and all sizes they return in limelight, even in smaller versions.
Out – Clutches
(I’m in doubt about that)

In – Wheeled; Wide
The volume of the 50’s skirts, with petticoats, kicks the sinuous skirts.
Out – Straight

The 50’s:
In – Feminine
The girl becomes a woman hipper feminine with a touch of couture.
Out – Uniform

In – Flowers
Spring opens the way for all type of printed flowers to a fantasy summer.
Out – Tartan

In – Bold
The heat would bring the colour, live tones of nature, which overlap in all the black pieces, especially in dresses.
Out – Total black

In – Colour mix
The big bet of accessories in patchwork of colours, but always in the same material.
Out – Monochromatic
(I’m in doubt about that, I’m thinking of Fendi, Empório Armani, Pucci, Diane von Furstenberg)

In – Mules
With jumps of all sizes are essential for all feminine looks this summer.
Out – With shoe-laces

In – Thin
They simply mark the waist rather than corset it.
Out – Bodice

So what do you think are they in or are they out?


  1. i love reading thse in an out lists. but i dont follow them completly.

  2. What can I say, I'll be totally out of style the next season. :D

  3. I don't agree on the clutches, gosh, clutches are the best and I really doubt that they'll out of fashion. Same goes for the straight skirts and the total black outfits if you ask me!
    But that's just my opinion.

    I do love to read lists like this. I don't follow them, but it's just nice to know.

  4. I could cite a contradiction to so many of those 'ins' and 'outs.' It's all an illusion, I think.

  5. i think certain things that might be out, can be used well and can b made in, if u get what i mean

  6. Olá, venho sempre...mas nem sempre comento...sou algo preguiçosa e outras vezes é por falta de tempo...
    Quanto à lista da Vogue...bem discordo em vários pontos, aos quais não vou derrogar de maneira nenhuma...vou continuar a usar clutches, saias lápis e total black quando bem me apetecer sem no entanto estar fora de moda. Essas listas são muito giras, leio as sempre, apesar de nunca as seguir muito à risca...mas hás-de de reparar como eles próprios se contradizem ao longo dos ensaios de moda, quando mostrarem fotos de looks com peças que consideraram estar out...enfim...a moda vai e vem...o que conta é sentirmo-nos bem, naquilo que usá-mos ;)

  7. I'm really looking forward to the new trends because I really could do with a revival soon; especially on wearing so much black. I want more and fresher colors this year!


  8. Oh I don't like all that rumors about trends :). I think everyone has personal trends and things that will always look awesome.

  9. I don't think clutches will be out next season either. Especially with the amount of shapes and sizes that Prada has out for spring. Impossible!

  10. What a thrilling list
    In: Bags
    Out: Clutches
    Who the hell writes this??? hahaha

  11. What a fabulous place you have here!!! I love your blog keep up the great work!!!

  12. I read it somewhere that blue and orange are going to be in this spring, and thought it was great news. I've been loathing blue ever since I had a slight overdose of it back in high-school: since blue is such a versatile color I always wore it and after a while I just couldn't tolarate it on me anymore. It took six years to get rid of this blue-phobia and to start wearing it again. I'm thinking about buying a lovely, thin, sky-blue pullover for spring, and making a blue and orange necklace to match... :-) Do you like any of these two colors?

    I certainly hope that belts will still be in: I'd love to try them. Unfortunately, my fav shoes have laces... I'll be sooo unfashionable! :D


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