Thursday, 10 January 2008

My Husband's gifts on my Bday

My husband is a dear one, sweet and romantic. So, I'm going to show you the things he gave me for my Birthday.

A bouquet of red roses
(meaning passion)

A cute skirt from Vero Moda

A black and white inspired on the 60's geometric print tunic with a satin belt from Vero Moda

A green (I think and I hope fake) antelope skirt from Vero Moda

(I was suspicious that I would have this one, because he asked me before if I liked it)

Thank you darling for the gifts

- I love you


  1. Happy Birthday! Wish you another beautiful year. It impresses me that your husband knows how to buy clothes! He's definitely for keeps :)


  2. That so sweet of your husband to buy you such great gifts. That first skirt from Vero Moda is my absolute favourite!
    And those flowers, so great to get flowers!!

    Again a very happy birthday to you sweety!

  3. Lovely flowers and lovely clothes! (And a most excellent husband too! :-)

    I especially like that Vera Moda skirt! I love everything with intricate patterns on it. :)

  4. happy belated birthday sweety :)
    I Love the flowers it's so romantic &hearts I wish someone could give me the same but ...where is my prince ?????

  5. u have a very nice sence of style and so does ure husband

    nice blog

  6. Nice presents. I liked the first skirt,lovely

  7. Awwww...a little late but...Happy Bday!!!...U have a great husband!! i think flowers were the best gift!!!

  8. Wow, I see a lot of fanastic stuff here. What a nice surprise for you. I know what's even sweeter is who the gift came from. :-)

  9. thanks for posting this.


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