Monday, 7 January 2008

Perfume – An inner choice

Our eyes can see everything, but it is our nose which sucks in the aroma, savours it, attracts or repulses us to the person bearing it. The familiar scent gets ingrained in our senses sometimes permanently.
The choice in perfume says a lot about you, it should express your personality, your inner beauty, make you feel attractive and self-confident. A particular fragrance can become a signature of the person who wears it regularly.
A perfume is to such a degree intimate and personal detail, so that the choice should be yours only, since perfumes may ajar the door to the hidden corners of your soul, and tell a lot about your character and desires.
What we’ll want to achieve, when making an impression with perfume, is that our light scent stays behind for just a bit after we have left the room, giving the person a chance to reflect a little about us and remember everything we said.
Perfume is after all our means of sending out silent signals, so the rest of the world can know exactly who and what we are at any given time in our lives.

One of my choices.


  1. yes that's true , my favourite one is jpg classic for women &hearts

  2. Make-up is my first love and perfume only comes in second (that's probably why I still don't really have a real signature scent...) but I agree with you whole-heartedly on the issue. The sense of smell is such an important part of our life: a particular scent can evoke intense memories in us even years after we smelled it. Also, there are times when I walk in the downtown and a scent hits my nose and I'm instantly reminded of a person I used to know and who wore this perfume. It's all so fascinating! :-)

    Btw, I know that perfume! My Mum has a bottle (she got it from my cousin) but she's not very fond of it. However, she doesn't let me have it although I like it a lot! Darn... :-D

  3. I've never tried this perfume. Will have to go to the counters this weekend to have a sniff at this one. I've been shopping for perfume lately and have been really having a difficult time for some reason. I guess I have to be more in the mood.

    Great post seeker!


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