Saturday, 5 January 2008


Today is one of those days that I shouldn't get out of bed. Today I’m feeling sad!!
I’m always proclaiming that one must live life fully, be grateful for the things we have, never take anything for granted… but today I’m feeling sad!
So sad that it makes me feel like crying… because today I’m feeling sad!
In fact I’ve already cried… my dear hubby, at lunch said me something sweet and I dropped in to tears… because today I’m feeling sad!
Why am I so sad?
Maybe I didn't get something I really wanted… Maybe I miss somebody… Maybe I don't feel so great about myself… Maybe an illness is making me worried about… Maybe I’m disappointed about something… Maybe I’m feeling misunderstood… but today I’m feeling sad!
Somebody said that it is when one is feeling sad that one develops new insight about oneself. The only way to deal with these sad feelings is to solve what can be solved and to accept what cannot be solved; only then our sad feelings will go away.
But today I’m feeling sad!!!!


  1. I like the way you think when you said: "Somebody said that it is when one is feeling sad that one develops new insight about oneself"

    I really understand you right now :S... i´m sad too!

  2. Well, I had a wonderful experience over New Years. I'm sad of course, but it's over how the world is.

  3. Hi there,
    I do certainly hope you are feeling better soon. It is true what you said about finding insight. Sometimes everything in the world is going so fast that we don't have time to digest the information. This is a good time to take a moment and then to gather your strength again.

    Thanks for dropping by, btw. I too believe that beauty should be shared :)



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