Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Smoke is in the air...

Today it’s the first day of some new law regulation about smoking in closed spaces.
I totally agree with it. As you might have guessed, I'm not a fan of smoking…
I saw the new anti-smoking campaign that the European Union started, this time a little bit different from the traditional ones...
This kind of videos makes me even less eager to smoking...
And I think it's the same with many other no-smokers...
But I have no idea how much influence it has on smokers... if it has any at all...I know a few people who gave up smoking, including myself, but their decisions were strictly personal and had nothing to do with anti-smoking campaigns... I'm just wondering: are there any people who quit smoking because of these campaigns (maybe that's asking for too much) or at least was their decision to quit influenced by them?


  1. my mom smokes. i hate that. im never going to it. smoking may be made glam in fashion photos but in real life-NOT COOL.

  2. oh...im not linked anymore? :-(

  3. They started that in my city a few years ago at first everyone was angry but now they are use to it.

  4. Hehe, That's a funny campaign.
    But I don't think it will have any effect on the people who smoke.
    I'm really don't mind when people smoke, but I must agree it is nicer when your clothes don't smell like cigarets.
    The people I know that quit smoking (including me 3 years ago) just did it because they wanted to quit. Not because of a campaign like this or a non-smoking policy in bars, ...
    so I don't think it will have much influence. Anyway, people who smoke do know it is bad for them. So this doesn't change a thing!

  5. I don't smoke but I think It will take more than just one campaign to influence smokers to quit.

    Happy 2008 ♥

  6. I think that change can only come from within a person's soul, and people won't stop smoking because of some campaign. Smokers these days know perfectly well how unhealthy it is (they hear it everywhere) but I think they need some inner realisation, something I can't really define, in order to really quit, just like you did. (For which I congratulate you.) My Mum used to smoke but she put down the cigarette when she decided she wanted a baby. (Me! :-) I can never thank her enough.

    I wonder, what made you quit?

  7. i used to smoke as well and it wasn't because of any campaign but more for health reasons and to a lesser extent i didn't want to spend so much of my money on smokes. i sometimes wonder as well how many ppl actually are influenced by such campaigns....


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