Wednesday, 9 January 2008


I was never tagged, so I felt trilled when I knew that the sweet Imelda tagged me.
So, what I was tagged for? To show the bag I used today, and name six things I carried in it.
Therefore when I went home from office, I started exposing my bag and taking some pictures.

Primary the bag, to be proper I’m in need of bags, but the one I used today was bought last winter on a trip I made to the mainland. It’s a black bag (because it goes with most things) from Misako, a Spanish retailer that specializes in “affordable chic” handbags and it was love at first side.

Now the pieces:

1-My wallet, it’s a must have. That’s where I put my ID, my cards, my money…

2-My cell phone. Another thing I can’t leave at home. It makes me feel comfortable knowing that I’m contactable and can contact some people if I need. It's not the ultimate model, but ist's small, has camera, mp3...

3- My keys and a lipstick. My car key, my house key, some keys from the office. Well if I don’t carry them it can happen that it goes impossible for me to get home. I like my key-rings, one has the shape of a bottom in a Levi's jeans, the other is a souvenir from a trip to London. My lipstick to restore my make up. In fact that’s the only thing I wear on a daily basis. This is a Guerlain, Toffee Shine.

4-My organizer and a nice pen. I can’t live without it. That’s where I temporally organized plans for matters to be attended to, that have blank pages for my recording notes, containing a calendar and space to keep a trace of appointments. I know, I should get a PDA, because organizers are bulky and hard to carry around, but PDA’s are too expensive.

5- Sunglasses, since I use contact lens I feel bad with the day brightness. I’ve some different pairs, this one is a Versus from Versace´s.

6- An umbrella, why? Because at the islands one never knows when it starts raining. This one I get from a magazine I bought. I like it because it’s black, small and easy to carry, and if the wind will destroy it I don’t care, because it was free.

And now I’m wondering what the follow six people have in their handbags….

Poster Girl
Bouncing Evil Ginner

Don’t know if you already have exposed your bags, but now you are tagged!!!


  1. cool
    will do soon
    i like the blue layout. its very calm

  2. All of your things are gorgeous! I especially like the organiser (it's a dream!) and your lipstick of course. :-) I wish I had a piece of Guerlain make-up... :)

    I actually like to write down my thought and to-do-lists on paper and I don't think I'd feel the same way about a PDA, but then I also love gadgets, so... Who knows? Maybe one day I'll get one. Till then I need to buy myself a decent looking organiser.

    Thank you for tagging me! Believe it or not, it was just yesterday that I wished someone would tag me. I really wanted to do one and this is really cool! :) I'll get to it as soon as my camera's battery is recharged.

    If you'd like to do another one, I can tag you too: in this post I tagged anyone who might come around and read it.

  3. Nice contents :) and you don't carry alot in your purse! I'm in the process of putting mine together so I will post it soon. Thanks for tagging me!



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