Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Today's Outfit - 01/02

Back to the office, in black, red and dark grey


  1. Great colors to start out the new year. Happy Happy New Year!! May all your dreams come true this year :-)

  2. are those red leather gloves I see? please tell me where I can get my hands in some of those!

    black/white/red combinations are classic, I like your take

  3. Thank you for featuring my drawing in your blog and for your kind words! You're awesome! :-)

    I really like your outfit: as Linda said, it is truly a classic look which, I think, fits people with dark hair best. Also, I think I read it somewhere (ELLE?) that belts are in this season. Good choice!

  4. you look great in red!

  5. Red is definitely your colour (:
    I love your gloves!

  6. Really nice outfit!! I love the red details in combination with the red cardigan.
    And are those long leather gloves? If it is so, wow I'm jalous!!!


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