Thursday, 10 January 2008

Today's Outfit - 01/10 - Bday

Actually today I wore two different outfits. One to go work and the other one to dinner in a fancy restaurant.

I liked so much my husband gifts that I started to ware one of the skirts.

light brown coat - local store don't remember when
brown lacy blouse - Vero Moda
green skirt - Vero Moda
brown tights - local store
brown boots - local store
brooch - gift
I love love chocolate. Since today was a special one I've done my sins and ate a slice of chocolate cake at lunch and brownie with vanilla ice cream at dinner. It was delicious!!!! Now I've to walk several kilometers to burn the calories.
This is what I wore for the evening. Don't know why but the dress seems that has no waist, don't like that photo, but now it's all I can get. (I wore a black bolero over the dress, because it was cold).

red trench coat - Zara
black dress - Zara ( satin ribbon by me)
black tights - local store
red shoes - local store
withe pearls earrings and necklace - gift from hubby

I can say I had a nice day. Had some cell messages, some phone calls, some e-mails, comments in the blog, everybody treated me very well. Ate chocolate, drunk some wine, and I felt it was a special day :)
I want to thank everybody who wished me here a happy birthday, will do it one by one tomorrow, because now I'm a bite tired, it was a very excited day.
So until tomorrow. Thank you all.
I was tagged by Izar, I'll do it latter. Thank you Izar.


  1. oh I can see the green skirt - it's really cute :)

  2. I really like the black dress with the ribbon! So great!

  3. Your black dress with the dark-pink ribbon and the pearls is so gorgeous! I love your coat too: it's such a lovely red and so nicely cut!

    Oh and you get a present from me too: You've won my contest!!! See the details in my recent post.

  4. Os meus parabéns atrasados!


    P.S. Tens um trench lindo...)

  5. Lovely outfits! Happy Birthday.

  6. I love so much the last outfit (the black dress with the pink ribbon) it's so chic and elegant :)
    glad if you had a great day ;)

  7. Fabulous trench coat!! I wish we had a Zara in my city. :-(


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