Monday, 14 January 2008

Today's Outfit - 01/14

As I’m a brunette, I think the red and black combo always turns a good one.

black retro style coat - Vero Moda
red gloves - local store
black pants - local store
red turtleneck - Vero Moda
red cardigan - Mango
black belt - Mango
printed neckerchief - gift
black boots - local store


  1. You remind me of a Canadian RCMP officer in the red. :) Not a bad thing, really.

  2. Very cute!! Nice outfit for business. Black, Red and Gold is always a winner!

  3. I really love a red top! great outfit!

  4. Great combination!You look pretty!

  5. Those gloves are amazing, but I like the whole nesemble as it is! Good choices!

  6. I wanna steal your red gloves :)

  7. Your outfit looks great! I really like that scarf you're wearing!!

  8. Well...i must say, black looks great with all the colors, i'm not a big fan of red, but ur outfit looks great!!


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