Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Today's Outfit - 01/16

Today when I woke up I haven't a clue about what I should wear. I went to the closet and saw those pants. They don't close without a hankie, this isn't the original, because it is animal printed and has some colors difficult to mach. And I wasn't in the mood to think much about it.

So it turns in this... I think we all have our not so good days... I had one of those today.

Tomorrow and the day after I'll have some meetings and professional training, so I must dress more like the "code dress", but I'll try to introduce something dissimilar, to make the difference.

black boots - local store
grape pants - other island store
stripe hankie - Bershka
white turtleneck - Zara
black bolero - local store
vintage necklace - hubby's gift
detail here


  1. I like the bolero over the white turtleneck. It creates a nice proportion.

    Am I supposed to tag other bloggers now that you've tagged me? I'm new at this!

  2. love the grape pants, unique color!!

  3. Hey, we all have those days -- I swear I have one every other day!

    Just smile and work it!

  4. u look cute,i like the black and white stripe thing...
    u looked gr8 4 something u threw on

  5. I love you grape pants &hearts

  6. Cute pants, I love the way you're standing! You look confident and in control!


  7. nice colour trousers
    you always use interesting colour

  8. I like boleros, but I never wear them. I do not know why!!!! Yours looks great!


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