Thursday, 17 January 2008

Today's Outfit - 01/17

As I told you today I need to dress more formally. So I wore a black suite, but tried to put some details to make a feminine/masculine look, not so boring. Tomorrow it will be more informal.
I would like to post something else, but I'm short of time, and I just received my February Vogue magazine.

Take care.

Black suit - Ana Sousa
white shirt - local store
black vest - La Redoute
red shoes - local store
red scarf - gift
golden brooch - gift


  1. U still look great!! u got 2 different outfits!!! >.<'

  2. Red and black and white, cool!

    I need to buy some red shoes sometime..:-)

  3. fiu, fiu!!!!. You look good girl

  4. Oh yeah, I love the vest and the crisp white blouse, and the red shoes.

  5. i really love that

    love the red shoes and the red scarf,love the way u mixed the feminine and masculine

    it looks sheek,work it out girl
    u look fab

  6. Your suit has a perfect fit!

  7. Jajaja....i know it's crazy...maybe that's the reazon i love it!


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