Monday, 21 January 2008

Today's Outfit - 01/21

With my last post I wanted to endorse the discussion about trends and those lists that magazines tell us and with some women may find themselves restrained to that.
In and out?
Trends only become fashion when they go on to the street.
Trends are fun to play around with. I like them, because they can be a quick fix for some temporary changes to your style and they are good to mix things up a little. And they can be inspirational.
But I just never let it take all over my understanding of style.
Style is an inner attitude, to find what makes you feel great enough. Put all those cliches aside and being stylish is about looking good. It's also about knowing what to wear right now.
“Elegance is aptitude to be yourself", Coco Chanel once stated. So, if we all can be ourselves, we all can be elegant.

gray dress with black belt - local store
red tights - Calzedonia
black ankle boots - local store
red shirt - Vero Moda
red scarf - gift


  1. I like your dress, but i must confess, first i thougt it was a coat...jejeje

  2. Of course I believe in angels!!!...they are so special, and i trust they're always around us, even if we don't feel them!!

  3. Oh, the red bits peeking out from everywhere, I love that!

  4. Oh you have tights from Calzedonia, too! I love the brand!

  5. i like the red peeking out but im not too big on the dress, if im honest....but ull work it anyway

  6. Great outfit!
    Again really nice with the red popping up everywear! I love it!
    And you're right about what you say about trends and style!

  7. I love the mix of colors. Tou look good

  8. Great dress!! Nice choice, you would wear that so many ways!

  9. I totally agree with Coco Chanel's words. For long I tried to wear things that were considered to be fashionable but which were so not me... Now I only wear what I know will accentuate my assets and which fit into my personal style. I do follow trends but I only pick out things that I know will work for me.

    I think you do the same thing. You alway have such fashionable things but at the same time you only pick those which fit you. Also, you always have such nice accessories to match your outfit. All in all, in your pictures I can detect a definite style that is you and only you. It's smart, elegant, well-planned, harmonius and doesn't lack a little edge either. Just the way I like it! ^_^


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