Sunday, 27 January 2008

Today's Outfit - 01/27

I love Calzedonia’s tights, they are so solid and with true colours, but the ones I have I got from a friend/co-worker who bought them for me when she went to the mainland, but I just asked her to bring me that colours I knew I couldn't buy here, not the regular colours.

So the tights I wore today aren't from Calzedonia, it was supposed that they should be navy blue, but I think they don't seem like it.

This is definitely a weekend outfit.

brown boots - local store
navy blue tights - local store
denim skirt - Vero Moda from long time
navy blue turtleneck - local store
brown jacket - Lanidor
scarf - gift


  1. That outfit looks cool and casual. Can't tell what the tights look like, though. That skirt is cute!

  2. You look really good and casual, I like it. Also the colors

  3. I'm searching for the perfect denim skirt since a long time - looks like you've already found it.

  4. Calzedonia is the best! Last year my Mum bought me a brown skirt and I needed a pair of matching brown tights. We bought them in a Clazedonia store and I still have them: not a tear or loose thread in the fabric. True, it's 50 Den so it's thick but still, it's great! And they have so many colors to choose from! :-)

  5. And in all my excitement about tights I almost forgot to tell you how much I love that ensemble! It's so young and casual, especially because of that jacket! ^_^

  6. Amazing a-line denim skirt you have there. Love the cut!

  7. Oh! I like this one a lot! Its def something i would picture in Vogue or just need to be surrounded by some tall grass, a lake on a cloudy day and a beautiful male model and your set! I love the color of the jacket and the scarf together :]


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