Monday, 28 January 2008

Today's Outfit - 01/28

I started the week with a very professional look, wearing a suit. I always say that a suit is the easiest way career women can dress. Just put some yellow details to pop out from the gray.

gray suit - mainland store some time ago
white turtleneck - Zara
yellow thin belt - local store
yellow necklace - Parfois
black boots - local store


  1. I love the suit!!! I've been looking for one like that!!...i'll steal it from you!! jejeje

  2. You're not into spirituality, you're just a clothes hound trying to make your ego happy.

    Wrong path, but maybe you will figure that out some day.

  3. let´s forget about bbc and talk about your fabulous outfit!

    grey and yellow are soulmates... i have always want a grey suit with perfect fit... maybe someday when i grew up!

  4. The yellow really livens it up. Very nice.

  5. You look really nice. Is bbc the one of the comments you mentioned?.
    He's just one point of view, for me you look great :)

  6. the yellow belt is such a nice touch of color

  7. I never would have thought of adding that yellow belt to the grey suit but I must admit it looks excellent. Now why didn't I think of that? :-)

    (Don't mind Mister Spiritual... Perhaps he'll realise a few things himself sometime. Or not... ;-)

  8. Can't believe he's using that vocabulary with you. He's doing what he's critisizing.

    Almodovar's movie is in my list- I'll see it soon.

  9. You look great in costume!!! I really like the yellow details, makes it al little more playfull!!!

  10. I like that grey suit, I need to work on getting one myself. I need a grey pant suit like yours, instead of a skirt suit. Very classic, I likes!


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