Friday, 25 January 2008

Today's Outift - 01/25

Obviously we can’t wear new clothes everyday!
And for many and different reasons; economic (it would coast a lot), logistical (it would be need lots of space), environmental (it would spend lots of our planet resources), ethical (it would be an “insult” to the necessitated ones) and I could go on writing.

But one reason to not have a big wardrobe that most of you don’t think about is the lack of places to buy good clothe pieces. And there are so many places in this world like that.

Even here, at my island I feel that.
And I’m a lucky one that can go to the mainland and do some shopping, or can try to buy on-line. (Well, I haven’t very good experiences on buying on-line, I always have to return something, and there aren’t many on-line shops which dispatch to here.)

So, what to do with a not so big wardrobe? It’s not easy! One must be very creative to mix and remix all the pieces. And instead of being something funny it can be painfully if one gets overwhelmed by the pressure of dressing in an exclusive way everyday.

Recognizing that there’s absolutely no need to always wear a different outfit, to always look unique from previous outfits, helps getting comfortable and function very well with a small wardrobe.

So… when one of my outfits will look similar to a previously one can I be forgiven?
Edit: I could post only the pictures of my outfits that I think more stylish and different, or I could dress for the picture. But I mostly post to find my way around, so it wouldn’t be honest for me.

black boots - local store
gray tights - local store
gray pencil skirt - don't remember
dark gray turtleneck - Zara
white cardigan - Mango
red belt - local store
printed scarf - gift


  1. Of course it can be forgiven. I encourage it, because I like to see your repeats. They feel new to me.

    I like your white sweater with the black, gray and red.

  2. I love that!! gray and red look really cool...about the magazine, i enjoyed trying with different pics and covers...u should try it!!

  3. yes, you're forgotten. Everytime I don't know what to wear I have a fixed combination. You're right, be creative is not as funny as we thought.

  4. I think its really cool when someone gets really creative. I love Lucky Magazine when they take like 8 pieces and come up with outfits for an entire month!

  5. Of course you're forgiven, you're only human! Every once in a while I get lazy and wear my favorite "go-to" outfits because I don't want to put energy into getting dressed.

  6. I think it's really fun to create different looks from a smaller wardrobe - it's the right way to learn to love every single piece in your wardrobe.

  7. One of my favorite outfits from you, BY FAR!

  8. Going by Billy's BLOG, I'm unable to see what values he uses to judge others in labeling them "sick".

  9. To Billy:
    It is clear that you have determined this woman is one-dimensional because of her interest in fashion, perhaps if you don't share that same interest, THIS IS NOT the Blog for you! One can have many passions in life and your narrow minded, judgmental attitude is clearly not stemming from a higher spirituality.

  10. Woh...BBC has no right to call names here, sorry but you're the minority here so it may be best that you go.

  11. We all recycle from time to time, don't worry. :-) I guess we can still change our looks every time by just adding a different piece of jewelry or a shawl, or even wear different makeup.

    To BBC: Being "spritual" does not include handing out insults to people you don't even know. It won't change the way they are (which you're obviously aiming at), it only shows how immature you are. If you want the world to change for the better, you should change for the better first.


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