Friday, 8 February 2008

About the social norms

Some few posts ago, I had a little talk about sociology.
In that post comments my blogging friend Grayburn made some relevant questions concerning it.
They were: “- What is the social norm? Who sets these rules and does it stay the same for across all social structures?”
What can I say about that…?
Like every living being a social group has a tendency for the order, so it generates in is womb a group of rules to achieve its functions, conferring each one of its members a status and a roll.
These rules are based in a set of values globally accepted by all of the social group members and it could change with the culture. However same rules are accepted in different cultures.
During all the ages of humankind several social entities contributed for the creation of the set of values and definition of the social rules: the government, the church and the elites.
Currently the media has an important role in the transmission of the rules; however what they really do it’s only distribute the ideas of the same entities that in the past controlled the social group.
But like I’ve said before the social group is a living being that among others has an important ability- adaptation- that aptitude allows responding to the threats of the surrounding environment. Because of that the rules are changing always, sometimes faster sometimes slower.
Today there are many rules changing constantly, but the basic rules that sustain the social order keep on.
Grayburn did you think I forgot it?


  1. yes, it is important to emphasize that the norms change depending of the necessities of the societies. it is really interesting what people creates in order to live in company

  2. a common word in our society is "freedom", but "freedom" comes with a price, my freedom ends when your start. We need to keep it in mind at all times!

  3. The media does seem responsible for manipulating/setting/changing our roles and social groups, and I firmly believe/agree that they "distribute the ideas of the same entities that in the past controlled the social group."

  4. I was hoping you wouldn't forget about it so I was patiently waiting! This reminds me about this issue that is happening right now where some Japanese fisherman are fishing whales as food. It is not a western social norm to eat whale meat but for the Japanese, it is the norm. So who is really eligible to make a judgment here?


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