Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Anatomy in the expression of art

Have you heard about Andrea Vesalius?
His book ‘The fabric of the Human body’ published in 1543 was a comprehensive study of the human body. It contained anatomical drawings of all parts of the body and offered many new conclusions as to the way of treating disease.
The book was a major break through in medical history for a number of reasons. It developed the use of technical drawings and disproved theories that had been in place in Europe for many hundred of years.
The great tables of the skeletons and musclemen are studied considering the unity of art and anatomy in the visual media.

Andrea Vesalius

Now look at these Samsonite bags, a 25traveler190 and a HeroAI1 Samsonite.

What I see in them is something inspired in Andrea Vesalius’s skeletons drawings.

And I was inspired by Enc's art posts to do this.


  1. Human body is still so unknown- however it is a good source of inspiration and I found the idea really interesting.

  2. Humans have such curious nature, it is so interesting to see how far we have come in gaining knowledge, as well as how little we have advanced in some other areas.
    I've seen those luggage in person but I'm a little bit scared of them!

    Thanks girl for always leaving a comment and letting me what you think on my blog. They brighten me up all the time :)


  3. heuuu
    i don't fell like pushing my suitcase in an aeroport...


  4. You've been awarded too! See my blog!

    Those Samsonite bags are really interesting!

  5. Those samsonite bags are funny, I think it's a cool design.

  6. I REALLY wanted one of those bags, but I'm such an overpacker it would be ridiculous for me to get a hard-sided bag. :-(

  7. I'm not sure about those bags... they scare me a little bit =L

  8. I haven't heard of this book. I'm really intrigued by the fact that it was done in the 1500s, when books weren't exactly mass-produced or readily available to everyone. I love the drawing—it's fantastic! And the suitcases are freaky! You'd never lose sight of those at baggage claim!

    I'm glad that my post "fired" you!


  9. wow that's so creative i never saw bags like this


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