Wednesday, 13 February 2008

the haircut-e

Time had come to go to the hairdresser. I hurried because I was a bit late.
I arrived and showed him my photo print of the hairstyle I had chosen.
He said – “Well…”
And he did what he wanted!!!!

It’s not the style I’ve picked, but it’s not too bad… But a thought crossed my mind… “I’m going to fire him”


  1. Hi!! I'm back....thanx for the comments, i had a hair cut also, for my friend's wedding...and the lady cut a little more than the usual... i almost kill her!!...i couldn't fix it well for that day, so i understand ur feeling!! jajaja...

  2. He did what he wanted, despite what you asked for? That's grounds for termination, certainly.

    However, you look great, so don't fret about that. Maybe you can go to another stylist and have that person make some changes.

    But let me reiterate: you look great.

  3. I hate when that happens, but as you know hair grows and you'll get used to it. But now Idon't want to go with the hair dresser, haha.

  4. You look gorgeous, darling!

  5. The cut seems to work well though. Once my hairdresser told me that the cut I had in mind wouldn't work for me. I totally trusted her opinion because she's the professional after all and I let her suggest an alternative cut. But I understand that one must trust her hairdresser 100%, otherwise one won't feel safe sitting down that chair.

  6. I hate that when hairdresser don't do what you ask! But you do look good!

  7. Love this outfit. LOVE!
    Sorry the cut wasn't what you want--but, you look great.

  8. Your hair cut look fabulous!! I really like it. I know it was not exactly what you wanted. Happen to me once and I never went back. But it really looks good. I understand if you chose to find a new hair dresser, but it does compliment the shape of your face nicely!!

  9. Why don't you like it? Most of the time a new haircut needs some time to sink in and you need to play with it a bit with different styling products when you get home :)

    Have fun with it!


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