Sunday, 10 February 2008


Next week I’m expecting to go to my hairdresser to redo my short hair cut.
I’ve been looking and searching in the Internet and some magazines for short hairstyles, but it seems that I haven’t found the “one”.
You don’t know my face shape, but if someone could bring me some suggestions I’d appreciated it.

Those are some short hairstyles that I didn’t dislike.
Off course I’m not changing my dark hair.


  1. I really like the second blonde hairstyle - I think it would suit you very well.

  2. I like all those styles. Basically they have the same gamine flavor, with a mop-top and not much going on in the back. I think this will look great on you. I hope you'll try it!

  3. I need a hair cut hair is doing what it wants. Good look finding the perfect cut. I like picture 1

  4. Good luck with the cut! My favs are the blond cut pic and the last pic of the cut with the girl in the white coat.

    I wish we could see your face in the pics b/c then it would be easier to tell what would look best on you. However, I do understand the wish to have privacy. Either way, I am sure the cut will turn out great for you -- my turn will be next weekend!

  5. my favorite hairstyle is the one that Victoria Bechkem has now.Have you peeked at it?

  6. I like the second one down to the right. Very cool!! All of them are flattering but that one is my favorite!

  7. I like the one from Agyness (blond girl on the right)!

    xo Grayburn


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