Wednesday, 20 February 2008

little things

Little things like…
...that first vitalizing swallow of water when I’m really thirsty, being at bed on a lazy morning, that first inhale I take when I walk out the front door, that cup of hot chocolate before I go to bed, getting e-mails messages for no reason (just to say hello!), looking at the sunset or the moon light.
...the blue sky, the big sunflower, the ladybug climbing… the autumn leaves… the smell of ground with the earliest rain…

It’s those little things that really make life great. If I can actually be pleased about all of those things, then I can be thankful for my life.

...that big hug I get when I’m feeling down… the laugh I catch when I say a joke…

We only get a few who understand us and love us the way that we come, packed and broken, with tears at the seams.

Maybe I'm just being silly, but I don't care--that's just me.
Occasionally it's the little things in life and love which embrace the most meaning and are memorized with particular affection.

So why not commemorate these as we do the more magnificent events of our lives?


  1. These are the things to commemorate, but we have to remember to take time out to pay attention to them. These are nice sentiments, thank you for sharing.

  2. "...that big hug I get when I’m feeling down…" OBRIGADA! Retribuo com as belíssimas palavras do Vinicius:


  3. I hear you loud and clear on what you've written. We often get so caught up and feel overwhelmed. But when we stop and appreciate just those little things we understand more.



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