Tuesday, 5 February 2008

My new shoes

No, they aren’t Prada or Marc by Marc Jacobs or Gucci or Versace… but I love them.
I was decided not to buy a thing until I go to the mainland maybe March/April, and do “my season shopping”.
But yesterday when I saw them I thought “I must have it”.
Like my blogging friend Enc says “it's not really about need”, it’s just I wanted them.
My hubby says that I must have some “Pisces” characteristics, because I’m becoming a huge fan of shoes.
I think this are so cute, with that ombre (or tie-dye) black to grey. Hope you can see…
And they were on sale!


  1. Great shoes!!! When I bought my pink pumps I was also thinking about buying them in grey. Your shoes remind me of them!!

    And if they were on sale it's even harder to resist!!
    Great buy!!!!

  2. hey, what's wrong with being a pisces. The shoes are lovely...but to high for me, haha. Enjoy them

  3. I love that ombre thing in shoes. Spotted heels that wen from black to grey too, they where beauty's but a size to small :(!

  4. Wow!! Those shoes are fabulous, excellent choice. I like the gradient effect. I have a pair like those in burgundy except they are not wedge heels. Great find!!

  5. I'm a firm believer in the idea that if you have a visceral reaction, then you should have them. I'm happy for you!

    Now, let's see how you integrate them into your wardrobe. How fast can you get them on?

  6. I'm in love - those shoes are really great. I look for perfect grey shoes since a while but I did not find them yet.

  7. Lovely shoes! I think they'll go well with both, skinny trousers and skirts.


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