Thursday, 7 February 2008

Red and Green

I know that The Sartorialist is maybe “The Master” of Street Style.
I usually don’t check his blog, but today I went early from lunch to my office, and since I’m in a not style inspired period I thought I could get some inspiration from his pictures.

I found this picture of this girl, and what calls my attention was the way she’s wearing a green and red combination.

Despite my propensity for wearing bold colours and also clashing colours, I never wore red and green.
It’s seems to me very christmas-y. And if I would wear it maybe my friends star to make fun of me saying that I would look like the flag.

Should I try it?


  1. I think they are difficult colors and I think in X-mass and flags too(your flag has these colors, that's another clue...?)
    However you can take your chances and have nothing to loose

  2. It's awesome - I think you should try it. I'm sure you can handle those colors.

  3. Olá,
    Pessoalmente visito o blog dele todos os dias...ou sempre que o meu Netvibes me anuncia que há postagens novas :) Adoro o trabalho dele e também me inspira um bocado...Foi o caso da clutch da Mango que eu tinha visto numa das suas fotos mais precisamente esta:
    enquanto não descobri de onde era a clutch e até te-la nas minhas mãos não descansei...levou o seu tempo até porque esta foto é de Outubro e só em Janeiro é que descobri que era da Mango. Mas passando...quando à combinação do vermelho com verde...não deixa de ser arriscado...nela gosto porque é loira e quebra um bocado, assim como o facto de estar a usar collants cinzentos e aqueles sapatos da Miu-miu (a Zara fez uns muito parecidos voltando ao look...parece-me viável, desde que também uses cores que cortem o contraste...como cinza e castanho ou rosa e usa um verde escuro.

  4. Try it: you'll do really well. What about some other complementary color combos? Blue/orange, purple/yellow? You can do those combos in all sorts of ways that won't make you feel conspicuous. If your friends make fun of you for wearing red and green, you can point out that you are being patriotic!

  5. Give your friends something to talk about and wear red and green like the Portuguese Flag! Don't forget to post it on your blog.
    I believe you will do a great job!

  6. I also stay away from green and red, but here she is able to make it work because of her use of prints on the green dress instead of a solid color. She breaks it up with the gray legging and brown bag. So it works out real well. I say go for it if you work a combination out like the photo


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