Friday, 1 February 2008

Today's Outfit - 02/01

Yesterday when I went to sleep I thought about what I would wear today. But when I got up I saw it was raining, so I had to do a different outfit. I couldn’t leave home without my warm boots.

I talked by phone with my Goddaughter/niece before she went to the hospital, telling her that everything was going to be fine. They were having a huge storm, windy and lots of snow.
I'm still waiting for news. But if something wasn’t satisfactory I would know it.

black boots - local store
red tights - Calzedonia
tartan skirt dress - handmade by mother several years ago
blue turtleneck - local store
red cardigan - Mango


  1. The blue turtleneck: totally unexpected! You look great.

  2. Those colors are amazing - you look awesome. I really love the tartan dress with the blue turtleneck.


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  4. You look good. I like your mix of colors. Don't worry everything would be fine for your goddaughter :)


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