Saturday, 2 February 2008

Today's Outfit - 02/02

Yes, it is some reproductions of Miró’s painting on my right.
Today I wore some basics, with just the scarf detail.

brown boots - local store
dark jeans - local store
brown belt - C&A
white turtleneck - Zara
brown jacket - Lanidor
scarf - gift


  1. I like your scarf - the colours are fab, you can wear it with so many different things.

  2. I love your scarf, too.

    I also love Miro, and have been working on a Miro-related post. Isn't it serendipitous that you mention Miro here!?

  3. your scarf is really beautiful :).

  4. Love the complement of the blue and green in the scarf - and interesting link to Miro!

    Did you know that if the colours you are wearing highlight your eyes when you look in a mirror, they are right for you?

  5. Very good his post, I was impressed by table Thigh, beautiful it appears also the cloth with colours in your neck!

  6. Nice outfit, basics fit you well

  7. Great casual outfit!! Like the scarf its a nice touch.


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