Monday, 4 February 2008

Today's Outfit - 02/04

Today I didn’t go to the office. Since tomorrow it’s the Carnival Holiday, half of the workers went today and the other half will go next Wednesday. I’ll be one of the Wednesday workers.

I like very much the detail of the black shirt. It looks really nice with no shirt under.

black boots - local store
black pants - Vero Moda
red turtleneck - Vero Moda
black shirt - don't remember

Neckline detail of the black shirt


  1. Wonderful sweater! It's exactly what I've been hunting for: unique, yet warm. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Laura @

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  3. The bits of red poking out again, I love that. The buckle on that black top is a nice detail. Also, the boots over the pants, very cool.

  4. The detail of the shirt (that for me looks like a sweater)is really cool.
    I did not go to school today as well- I spant the day sleeping. About the archeological place it belongs to the Teotihuacan culture, older than the Mayans. Yes, Mexico has a lot of things to see. If you can pay a visit, do it.

  5. I really like the neckline of your sweater!

  6. I love the neckline of the t-shirt!!


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