Saturday, 9 February 2008

Today's Outfit - 02/09

I only posted today’s outfit to show you my mood and that I’ve dressed accordingly.
I haven’t done it on purpose, but when I faced it I realized that I’ve chose gray and black which mean invisibility and blending in, and an ocean hue of blue especially calming. And so confortable clothes.
Since today I consider that I'm in a funk, I feel complaining and lethargic. I don’t want anyone to notice me and I’m a bit closed in my shield.
Who doesn't love an occasional pity party?

black boots - local store
gray pants - sister's gift some time ago
blue turtleneck - local store
black knited cardigan - don't remember
scarf - gift


  1. Great look for you. Really casual and clean. I like the scarf of course. You always know how to add just the right "little something extra" to your outfits. :-)

  2. I'm sorry to rain on your pity parade, but you look great. I love comfy clothes, and I put on leggings and a t-shirt as soon as I got home from work this morning.

  3. You look really good. I love your mix of it, love it.

    Don't tell me about stop smoking. Yesterday I decided that I was going to stop smoking and today, the only thing i've done is to bite my nails. I know it is a complicated moment but I know I can make it...oh yeeah


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