Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Today's Outfit - 02/12

Playing with gray hues… with a touch of red, off course.
I grab the opportunity that this morning wasn’t raining and make use of shoes.

Tomorrow I’ll go to cute my hair.
The most “voted” short hairstyle was the one on the right of the second row. Even from my husband. Let’s see what my hairdresser will do.

To “spice girl”: I’ve searched for the hairstyle that Victoria Bechkem has now, but my hair should be longer in front to do that.

black to gray shoes - local store
gray tights - local store
gray pencil skirt - don't remember
dark gray turtleneck - Zara
gray cardigan - Vero Moda
(red bow made from a) scarf - gift


  1. cute, but it needs a little more color

  2. You look very slim!

  3. "Tomorrow, I'll go to cute my hair."

    That is the best and cutest language blip I've seen you write thus far.

    cut: haircut
    cute: the haircut you'll be getting tomorrow!

    Love the colors today.

  4. I think a darker sweater might be nice. You really know how to strike a pose! LOVE the scarf, skirt, tights and shoes. Can't wait to see the haircut.

  5. I like how it looks gray with red. I wish you luck with your hair cut :)

  6. Great outfit, love the bow!
    Can't wait to see your haircut!

  7. The bow around your neck is really cute :).


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