Friday, 15 February 2008

Today's Outfit - 02/15

I hope everyone have had a great Valentine’s Day! Even if it wasn’t distinguished by someone that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be great.
Traditionally Valentine’s Day wasn’t popular at these Islands. But with the globalisation it turns out to be celebrated.

I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. If I think it’s good to have a day to rejoice Love, I also think that if there’s the need to have a day to commemorate something that should be celebrated everyday, something is not entirely well.

About my hairdresser I must clarify that I was joking saying that I would fire him. He’s considered the second best stylist of this Island. “Are you mad?????”

My new tights arrived yesterday from the mainland’s Calzedonia store, the blue and the “orange” ones, the green ones were sold.
So I wore one pair right away, but since the weather wasn’t good enough I had to wear boots.

black boots - local store
blue tights - Calzedonia
black dress - from the 80's
red turtleneck - Vero Moda
blue cardigan - local store
red belt - Tally Weijl


  1. May I ask, where do you live?? the way, i love that speciffic blue of the cardigan!!. I also think we don't need to have a special day only to celebrate love, but you moves the world!!... ;-)

  2. Now i have homework!! jajaja...that's, about my dad, you might be right, and what you say would be the perfect reazon if he had that behavior with my brother and sisters, but he is the way he is just with me...that's why I'm feeling this way...but...i guess that shall pass!...

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Oiii querida, como está? andei meio sumidinha por problemas pessoais, mas já estou de volta, só sinto não poder ler suas postagens, cadê o tradutor? infelizmente não sei inglês, então só posso apreciar as fotos e adorei (embora me sinta uma analfabeta), pelo visto você gosta bastante de cintos, eu também gosto muito e aqui no Brasil é tendência nessa temporada, acho que deixa o look bem legal, parabéns pela escolha das roupas, te cai muito bem. Adorei seu corte de cabelo, aprecio muito os cabelos curtos, mas que dão um toque bem feminino ao visual e os seus cabelos estão à contento. beijosss e até breve;)

  4. Got it!!!...i made my homework!! Now i know where you live!!! must be really beautful there!!

  5. You have an amazing way with color!

  6. Yes, why to celebrate love and friendship just one day of the year?

    I want to tell you that I might not comment you as often as know bloody homework. But please in touch.

    Hope you have a nice weekend :)

  7. And about your outfit, I really like the mix of colors BUT I still believe that that cardigan looks better with lighter colors. :)

  8. What a perfect match for your sweater! I love the red, as usual.

  9. Your blue tights are so cool.
    And the red belt just make the outfit :D

    A pity that you had use high heels or flats! Would look great without boots!

    and about other issues... oh, well, maybe i´m a little exaggerated about his look, i blame my f!"·$%$Q" SPM!!!
    but you are right about what you said: maybe he didn´t change, maybe I did.
    Now i have to apologize!

    thx for your sweet and supporting comments, i apreciate them a lot.

    un beso :D

  10. Its a bit too matchy. Try the tights and boots with a gray dress of somesort

    Have a lovely belated V-day!


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